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Hi! I'm Katie

I am...


As I created this site I tried to fill in the title above 'I am...' and got stuck because there isn't an easy way to describe who I am.  I am a mother, wife, professional engineer.  I am strong, confident, beautiful, kind, loving, caring, etc...  The list could go on and on...


however not so long ago this list wouldn't have sounded so nice.  I have done a lot of self image work, therapy, learning and growing to be where I am at and there is still more to do.

I am striving to be an all around kind person for myself, but more importantly for my two girls to show them how the world can be if we are kind and how that affects others.  Along the way I have stumbled and would like to share some thoughts along the way in hopes to help others trying to do the same.

Explore Mindfulness With Me

My Life, My Morals

 From the outside I would likely be seen as a average woman from an average family.  I have three sisters, my parents are still married and we lived a pretty average life.

However, although from the outside my life would appear as average it was not as it lead me here.  I was brought up in a house that was taught that family was important, be kind, respect others and listen to your parents.  I was taught that being a woman did not create limitations. My parents raised us well and did the best they could with the knowledge they had.  I was raised in a society that did not look at mental health as a legitimate thing unless you were so severe they labelled you as 'crazy' and you were made fun of if you were 'sensitive' and showed your emotion.

I was that sensitive child that got bullied at school and home because of it and told that if I hid my feelings they would leave you alone.  This turned into years of repressed feelings, lack of confidence and very low self-esteem.

It took my father having an accident and becoming paraplegic and my husband going through chemo for me to feel at my bottom, but once those things passed I didn't feel better so I changed the company I worked for due to the toxicity of the one I was at and still didn't feel better.  I then realized it wasn't my surroundings that was causing it, it was me.  I then started therapy, invested in a personal coaching and changed my focus and I started to become the person I desired to be.  The person I am and continue to grow to be. 


My family!  My family consists of many parts, my family as a child consisting of my parents and siblings and at times extended family.  Now my family includes all of those it did before but now it also includes the most amazing part of my life the family we have created.  While the rest of my family helped shape me to who I am now this family that we created is the family that keeps my ambition going and ensures I continue to strive for everything I desire as well as what they need.

This family firstly consists of my wonderful husband, best friend and of course sexy man.  We have been together since 2002, when I was 17 and we have been through death, miscarriages, complicated pregnancy/birth, accidents, cancer, etc... and we have grown together through it all.  He is the only one in this world that I can feel truly home with.  You can make me frustrated beyond believe but our relationship allows me to share that with you and work through it all.

In 2013 we became parents of a beautiful girl.  In 2016 we were blessed with another daughter.  These two girls are who have given me the spark I posses to change the world they live in.  As I started the path to better myself I realized the narratives that I was holding onto that were affecting them.  I now am determined to raise these girls to not only believe that their sex will not hold them back but nothing will.  Even if they are from an average family if they believe, they will do amazing things.  I am raising them to HAVE self confidence and not have to find it.  To understand that although others may hurt you, or be unkind, they are doing the best with the knowledge they have and as long as we continue to be kind, accepting and loving we will be content.  I am already seeing the benefits of my changes and perhaps we can spark a global change for the next generation.

The Goal(s)

I hope by sharing life, thoughts, struggles and triumphs I can encourage others to step outside of inherited narratives that don't serve you and make your own because you deserve it.

As well as show others you are not alone in life's struggles and there are kind people in the world who would like to be there for you!

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