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To Tell or Not To Tell

Do you ever find that you have news that makes you feel excited but you are unsure who to share it with because you believe some of those close to you will be negative about it or tell you that you shouldn't?

I find I struggle to know who to tell things to a lot, especially when exploring things that do not conform to societies norms.

Judgement and criticism always come from a place of fear. Choose courage instead.” ~unknown

I have this especially with the personal coaching I invested in and the mental health focus we have created in our family. Also with the thought that I am not sure I am in my final career and that even after 4 years of school, $40,000 and 14 years working, I may want to make a change. I shy away from telling others because I don't want their judgement or the negativity that could come from that.

Is that the right thing to do though? I want to be able to say I do what I need and want without fear of judgement but that isn't the case.

We have decided to get a puppy (picture of him is above) and I haven't told many people because I know that many will say why would you do that, they are so much work, they tie you down, etc... Some will say those because of their own fear and other will say it because it is less beneficial for them if we have that commitment.

However what they don't realize is that I went through all those thoughts already, the fear, the uncertainty, the nervousness and still believe it is what we need and/or want. I struggle because I like to share with my loved ones when I am excited but do not like judgement or negativity so every time such as this I am torn when is the right time to share.

I am not sure there is a right answer to this, I wonder if it is healthy to just not share until absolutely needed or if I should share and try and shrug off any judgement?

Anyway we are getting a puppy!


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